Photovoltaic module Bruk-Bet PEM.BB-365 Full Black
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Photovoltaic module Bruk-Bet PEM.BB-365 Full Black

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Photovoltaic module from BRUK-BET PE.M.FB-365 with a power of 365W Full Black.

The Prefect EDGE series of modules is manufactured in Tarnow, Poland, and is distinguished by high quality confirmed by numerous tests, expert supervision at every stage of production, and a long warranty. Bruk-Bet PV is the largest Polish manufacturer of photovoltaic modules, operating in the PV market since 2011.

What distinguishes this product ?
✅ micro-crack detection at each stage of production thanks to a triple electroluminescence test system

✅ half-cut cells with the highest cutting precision thanks to an autonomous cutting station using a "low-temperature" process
✅ higher module efficiency through the use of odd conductive busbar bundles
✅ lower power loss of monocrystalline Half-Cut modules by using PERC cells  

✅ resistance to 55 mm diameter busbar !!!

✅ resistance to static loads 8100 Pa  

✅ resistance to wind load 5400 Pa  

✅ fast technical support and service of warranty process connected with the fact of having headquarters and factory in Poland

Technical data of the module:

    nominal power (Pmax) - 365W
    dimensions - 1760x1040x40mm
    hal cut technology - 120 cells
    voltage at the masimal power point (Vmp/V) - 34.67V
    current at the mass power point (Imp/A) - 10.54A
    open circuit voltage (Voc/V) - 41.31V
    closed circuit current (Isc/A) - 11.02A
    module efficiency (%) - 19.94%
    operating temperature (°C) - 40°C~+85°C
    maximum chain voltage - 1000VDC
    maximum fuse current - 22A
    temperature coefficient Pmax - 0.36%/°C
    temperature coefficient Voc - 0.276%/°C
    temperature coefficient Isc - 0.045%/°C
    tempered glass - 3.2 mm
    product warranty - 15 years
    performance warranty - 25 years
    MC4 compatible connectors - IP68
    weight - 20 kg

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